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Wonderfully Made
Zander's Adventures with Cicada and Ladybug is an appreciation of the wonders of creation. Our natural environment is blessed with a variety of intricately designed creatures; even the smallest insects, which are often overlooked by city dwellers, have a meaningful part to play in our ecosystems. Fire up your imagination with Cicada, Ladybug and Zander as they embark on missions to make a positive impact on the world around them. And see that you are never too different, too young or too small to make a difference. Have you ever felt bad about being different? Join Zander, a boy teased for his "stick-out" ears, on a journey to embrace weirdness everywhere. Through unexpected friendships, Zander discovers that he is not a mistake but a miracle.

Wonderfully Made

SKU: 064444
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    Joanna Ong; Naomi Tien (illus.)
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