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Travails of a Trailing Spouse
The adventure starts when Sarah's husband, Jason, is offered a position at a university in Singapore. Sarah, a successful lawyer in the US, quits her job and the couple, with their two children, fly off to a completely new life. The country is easy enough to adapt to and Sarah and Jason soon meet the other expats in the condo. Why, with an unbelievably fantastic lifestyle, is Sarah starting to feel listless? Why does John keep taking solo trips and when will Sara's brave front finally crack? Who's that woman with Ian in the lift? And what secret is Carys keeping from her friends? Not a simplistic, straightforward novel of one-dimensional characters, Travails of a Trailing Spouse will strike a chord with anyone, expat or not, who has ever found life more complicated, puzzling, thrilling, frustrating - and, ultimately, deliciously rich - than could ever have been imagined.

Travails of a Trailing Spouse

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    Suga Chen, Stephanie
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    Focus Publishing

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