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Toms and Dees: Transgender Identity and Female Same-Sex Relationships in Thailand. A vibrant, growing, and highly visible set of female identities has emerged in Thailand known as tom and dee. A "tom" (from "tomboy") refers to masculine women who are sexually involved with a feminine partner, or "dee" (from "lady"). Have the forces of capitalism facilitated the dissemination of Western-style gay and lesbian identities throughout the developing world as some theories of transnationalism suggest? Is the emergence of toms and dees over the past twenty-five years a sign that this has occurred in Thailand? Megan Sinnott engages these issues by examining the local culture and historical context of female same-sex eroticism and female masculinity in Thailand.

Toms and Dees

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    Sinnott, Megan J.
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    University of Hawaii Press

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