Timor: 1250-2005, 750 Ans De Cartographie & Et De Voyages (In French). Timor island has figured in many expeditions throughout history: in the quest for precious wood by Chinese merchants in the 13th century, Magellan's first voyage around the world between 1519-1521, the Bounty epic in 1789, the discovery of Australia towards the end of the 18th century, and in the vague expansionist plans of Indonesia's General Suharto. While many primary sources have for the most part been lost, the outline of Timor's ancient history can be retraced through maps, drawings, engravings and the testimony of travellers over the years. This book attempts a chronology of this history, explores some of the myths of the origins of Timor, and explores the island's contacts with the outside world in more recent times. Illustrated with more than 200 maps, drawings and engravings, the book is based on several narrations and previously unpublished documents. In French.

Timor: 1250-2005, 750 Ans De Cartographie & Et De Voyages (In French)

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    Durand, Frederic
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    Institut De Recherhe Sur L'Asie

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