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Since China and the West first came into contact centuries ago, descriptions of Chinese women of widely varying accuracy by travelers and writers have fueled the imagination of Western readers. By the early 20th century two images predominated - that of the passive, fragile and vulnerable beauty, and that of the seductive, ruthless and scheming 'dragon lady'. Many modern English language writers and filmmakers have seized on these easily duplicated stereotypes, extending them even to the end of the 20th century and beyond. In a series of penetrating chapters, Mimi Chan explores the early origins and 20th century development of these images in popular fiction, the prejudices and misunderstandings that they perpetuate, and some of the works that have attempted to present a fairer, more nuanced, more 'human' view of Chinese womanhood. An important study of value to all who seek a clearer understanding of those who hold up 'half the (Chinese) sky'.

Through Western Eyes: Images of Chinese Women in Anglo-American Literature

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    Chan, Mimi
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    Orchid Press

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