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Three Truths of Well Being
Three Truths of Well Being: Empower Your Body, Mind and Energy for Joyful Living (With DVD). What does it take to live in well being? To be in an abiding state of health, peace, love? In his first-ever self-help book, Sadhguru, a profound mystic of our times, offers his characteristically pragmatic wisdom for a life of joy and fulfillment: Don't route your joy through heaven. Access happiness for yourself -- right here, right now. Starting with three basic dimensions of the self -- Body, Mind and Energy - Sadhguru introduces us to simple techniques to realign and transform them into a life of sparkling aliveness. From the ideal approach to food and sleep to the profound secrets of the human spine, from the role of sex and desire to the deepest meaning of love and morality, from the significance of physical postures and psychological attitudes to the notion of authentic spiritual illumination -- this book guides us on all this and more. Peppered with personal anecdotes, practical tips, and do-it-yourself exercises, the book is accompanied by a DVD with instructions for Isha Kriya. Garnished richly with Sadhguru's inimitable wit, it is a must have for anyone committed to becoming fully human.

Three Truths of Well Being

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