The World Under Pressure: How China & India are Influencing the Global Economy and Environment. The rapid rise of China and India is reshaping our global economic and environmental systems-raising major issues of stability, governance, and sustainability. This book develops a framework that shows the interdependence between economic size, trade, finance, technology, environment, security, and global governance. Specifically, China and India's unchecked growth has the potential to ignite trade, resource, cold, and conventional wars. Moreover, these nations could set in motion monumental challenges related to climate change. The text warns that the current international governance system is not up to the challenges of defusing these frictions. Major powers, including China and India, must do more to address the gathering storm. Developing sustainable economic and social relationships will be a most difficult charge, but the cost of putting off reforms will be lower global welfare. Dahlman ends the book with starting points for change. With references and index.

The World Under Pressure

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    Dahlman, Carl J.
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    Stanford University Press

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