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This systematic account of Singapore's recent history and development highlights many shadowed areas and unsolved problems which are rarely seen in the country's publicity handouts - but which do often have the attention of thoughtful officials and other Singaporeans. Amongst many areas of Singapore's economic and politico-social scenes explored are: myths and official interpretations of recent history; public sector and private sector productivity; efficiency and realities; reengineering and reforms; state-sponsored industries; international rankings and their interpretation; the education system; poverty; and also comparative comments with situations in Hong Kong, Australia; Japan and elsewhere. The second 2008 edition updates Singapore's development to early 2008 and includes more detailed accounts of the government's recent financial and investment policies, and bio-scientific developments. The reader may well see Singapore differently, or query the influence of the author's apparent agenda of demolition but many of the issues raised particularly in the final projections of Singapore's future, do certainly deserve serious attention. With some referencing, bibliography and index.

The Singapore Miracle - Myth and Reality

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    King, Rodney
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    Insight Press

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