Path To Remittance, The: Tales Of Pains And Gains Of Overseas Filipino Workers. The Philippines is the world's largest exporter of labour - both male and female - and their remittances have helped to keep afloat the Philippines economy for the past three decades. Successful Filipino leaders have praised the Overseas Filipino Workers - or the OFWs as they are popularly known - as modern heroes of the nation. Yet exploitation of OFWs by unscrupulous employment agencies at home and abroad; and by ruthless employers abroad goes on unabated.The Path to Remittance is a book which sheds light on the hidden issues of the OFW phenomena, which political leaders and government agencies tend to ignore at best or condone at its worse.

The Path to Remittance: Tales of Pains and Gains of Overseas Filipino Workers

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    Papias Generale Banados
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    Global Eye Media

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