The Healing Gardens: Vietnamese Spa Experience
Vietnam is one of the few Southeast Asian nations to experience four seasons and with the passing of each season, the land and scenery undergoes changes that are both profound and beautiful. In the rites associated with each season, we begin to perceive the ancient practices that are the focus of this book - rejuvenation, refreshment, and reinvigoration of mind, body and soul. This respect for Nature represents an important aspect of the spa concept in Vietnam. This attractively illustrated book does not promote spa facilities in Vietnam. Instead, it explores some of the secrets of wellness, youthfulness and beauty, secrets that have been developed and preserved by the people of Vietnam since ancient times. This journey of discovery begins with a look at the ingredients used in traditional spa treatments, healing practices of the royal court, the different schools of healing practices that exist, the secrets to keeping the body looking good, the health-promoting principles of Vietnamese cuisine, and finally, the importance of mindfulness in all things we do.

The Healing Gardens: Vietnamese Spa Experience

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    Ha Bich Lien & Thai Hong Loan
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