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While writing a book on the Hukbalahap, a wartime anti-Japanese resistance movement in the Philippines, William "Bill" Pomeroy met and fell in love with Celia Mariano, one of its most active women members. The Forest tells the story of the two years - 1950-1952 - Bill and Celia spent in the mountains with the Huks. But more than a vivid account of the physical hardship of guerrilla life, the book is a moving story of their love and their courage in the fight for freedom. Considered a classic with various English editions and translations into several languages, The Forest ends with Bill and Celia's capture. In its sequel, Bilanggo: Life as a Political Prisoner in the Philippines, 1952-1962, Pomeroy writes with the same passion and heart, whether about his commitment to the liberation struggle or about his love for his wife and comrade.

The Forest: A Personal Record of the Huk Guerrilla Struggle in the Philippines

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    Pomeroy, William J.
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    University of the Philippines Press

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