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Usually placed outside the entrance of a building, canopies serve the practical purpose of protecting those entering and exiting from the elements. Just as importantly, as the first and last thing a person encounters in a building, canopies are an essential aesthetic element of architecture. In Sheltered: Two Visions of Canopy Design, fa?ade designers Johnny Choi and Michael Lee walk the reader under, over and through a selection of their most interesting canopy projects in Hong Kong, Macau and Shanghai. As well as showcasing the finished product, the authors recount the evolution of their designs through sketches, renderings, and succinct but informatively written project descriptions. In each case, a remarkable picture emerges of the sophisticated balance of material, form, engineering and proportion that constitute these outwardly simple structures.

Sheltered: Two Visions of Canopy Design

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    Choi, Johnny; Michael Lee
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    Asia One

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