Slavery undoubtedly exists in the contemporary world. This is a careful and systematic exploration in the grimness of today's sex slavery (1.2 million slaves were women and girls in 2006). By a fellow of Harvard's Kennedy School of Government and former investment banker and a graduate of Duke University, the author describes his fieldwork and case material from slaves in India, Nepal, Moldova, Romania, Italy, Australia, Slovenia, Albania, Serbia, the USA, Mexico, Thailand, Singapore, Burma, Laos, Vietnam and China. This book is not easy reading, some of the local factors, global factors, economic and social pressures, profitability rates and comparisons, and legal provisions which enable or permit the exploitative industry are explored and discussed by the author who has brought solid humane - and ghastly - material to light. Could it all form a basis for some thoughtful social action by the reader? With black-and-white illustrations, tabulated data, referenced notes, bibliography and index.

Sex Trafficking: Inside the Business of Modern Slavery

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    Kara, Siddharth
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    Columbia University Press

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