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Cooking with spices unlocks the best-kept secrets of the culinary traditions of the world. After 15 years of running specialty foodstores in Auckland, New Zealand, chef Michal Hanies has developed an impressive knowledge of and genuine love affair with these precious ingredients. From cumin-tinged curries to cardomon-laced soups, from ginger-drenched stir-fries to cinnamon-enriched desserts, she shares her passion for spices in this beautiful book. Michal's 100 recipes will undoubtedly inspire new directions in your culinary repertoire and the full A-Z guide to identifying, storing and cooking with spices will help demystify the art of using them.

Scent of the Monsoon Winds: Spice-Infused Recipes from Around the World

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    Haines, Michal
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    New Holland

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