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The late Dr Puey Ungphakorn of Thailand served as an inspiration to many of his fellow citizens for his lifelong commitment to integrity.  An academic, civil servant, minister in the Thai government, and intellectual, Dr Puey was foremost, a humanist, whose legacy is best encapsulated by the principles: santi, pracha, dhamma -- peace, public participation, righteousness.  Unfortunately not known enough by the outside world, Dr Puey nevertheless touched enough lives of both Thais and foreigners to leave a lasting impact on their social conciousness.  This important volume is essential reading for anyone interested in the deeper aspects of Thai psyche and the Buddhist philosophy that underlies traditional Thai culture. Contributors include Thai and foreign civil society advocates.

Santi Pracha Dhamma: Essays in Honour of the Late Puey Ungphakorn

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    Sivaraksa, Sulak
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    Santi Pracha Dhamma Institute

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