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Religious Pluralism in Democratic Societies

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The 14 papers in this volume, first published in 2007, were originally given at the 2002 Kuala Lumpur conference of the Malaysian Association for American Studies. They critically examine the concept of religious pluralism in democratic societies, in the context of globalisation, and the challenges and prospects for Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States. Part 1 specifically deals with characteristics, problems and challenges of religious diversity and coexistence in Southeast Asia and the United States, and how immigration has played a key role in contributing to multiculturalism and religious coexistence. Part 2 specifically focuses on the growing problems and challenges of religious diversity in Europe. Part 3 attempts to link democracy and the separation of religion and state to the problems and prospects for conflict resolution in increasingly pluralistic environments. The Conclusion offers some perspectives and proposals for multi-religious coexistence under conditions of globalisation in the post-9/11 era. Each essay is separately referenced. This re-print contains several updates and revisions by the editor. Indexed.

Religious Pluralism in Democratic Societies

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