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This monograph presents the methods and results of archaeological researches including the onsite excavations and survey of 1994/5, which have been conducted at Bukit Tengkorak, Semporna, Sabah under the aegis of the Sabah Museum and the Universiti Sains Malaysia. The nature of the artefacts found, carbon dating and other investigations led to the conclusion that Bukit Tengkorak was a major pottery-making site form ca. 4300-50 BCE. Evidence found also indicated that barkcloth and stone tool making and long distance trade or exchange also took place during this Neolithic period. With drawings, maps, photographs, charts and reference list.

Prehistory of Bukit Tengjorak as a Major Pottery Making Site in Southeast Asia

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    ISSN: 15116964
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    Chia Ming Soon, Stephen
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    Department of Sabah Museum

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