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Living in Babel: Singapore Literature in Translation
Botak. Yau siew. Akka. Baris sedia. Singaporeans are bombarded every day by a babel of voices speaking different languages. The multilingual marrow of the island both binds and divides her people. The literatures of the four main language communities in Singapore reflect not just their individual realities but also the shared experience of living on an island of many tongues. This collection features some of the best Singapore writers in Chinese, Malay, and Tamil, ranging from national treasures such as Mohamed Latiff Mohamed and Yeng Pway Ngon to emerging talents such as Tang Jui Piow and Elancharan Gunasekaran. Translated into English for the first time, these works provide a rare and valuable glimpse into the island��s rich non-Anglophone worlds. A Hakka girl goes on a prata adventure in her housing estate. An old fisherman ponders his future life in an HDB flat. A villager covets the organs of a black panther so he can father an heir. A housewife tosses a pistol into Rochor Canal in the middle of the nigh. Poignant, humorous, occasionally heart-breaking, these literary gems present Singapore in all her multicultural colour.

Living in Babel: Singapore Literature in Translation

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    Tan Dan Feng (ed.)
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    The Select Centre

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