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Kinabalu Guerrillas: An Account of the Double Tenth Rising Against the Japanese Invaders in North Borneo. Reissue of the 1949 account of the WWII Japanese Occupation of British North Borneo (now Sabah) and resistance to it, including the October 1943 Double Tenth Uprising and its sequels. The book is based on records, memoirs and personal conversations with those involved and their relatives. Japanese policies and their interaction with British and local elements after their uncontested arrival on 1 January 1942 are described. The resistance organised by Albert Kwok and the guerrilla attacks of October 1943 in Jesselton are shown to have been followed by betrayal, with subsequent surrender, torture and execution of many during the increasingly bitter years which followed. A final note reflects on the many human disappointments, sufferings, and tragedies of the guerrillas and people of North Borneo.

Kinabalu Guerrillas

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    Hall, Maxwell
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    Opus Publications

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