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Indonesian Security Interests: Analysis over Undang-undang Hak Tanggungan and Undang-undang Fidusia. This book contains several branches of Indonesian law which are made concise, relevant and updated for current practice, inter alia, land and property law, rights over property, necessity of a deed, the role of a notary public and the security interests, ie. Hak Tanggungan & Jaminan Fidusia, along with their registrations and remedy.  It also includes essential terms, landmark decisions and table of case and legislation relating to Indonesian security interests, and the English translations of Law on Encumbrance Right and Law on Fiducia Security. This work is based on the author's research for his Master's in Comparative Law undertaken at the National University of Singapore 1999-2000. It fills a need for financial institutions, legal practitioners and foreign businesses operating or seeking to operate in Indonesia.

Indonesian Security Interests

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    Tesalonika, Iming M
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    Pusat Hukum Bisnis

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