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Even after more than three decades of pursuing his art, Alfred Ko's passion for his city and country has only grown deeper. His photographic works have evolved in step with Hong Kong's political and social development, enabling the totality of his works to describe the full arc of the city's life in the contemporary age. This book presents Ko's works since 1978 in six chronological series entitled 'homecoming', '1984', 'the blues', 'nocturne', 'claustrophobia', and 'agoraphobia'. The arrow of time marks Ko's engagement with the creation of historical memory - memory as history, history as memory. He loyally records the development of places, freezing moments of time and space in a state of serenity, yet laden with richness of content and context that is revealed as one ponders his works.

Hong Kong/China Photographers Seven - Alfred Ko By Eung Yang

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    Ko, Alfred (ed.)
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