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In 1960, revolutionaries in South Vietnam created the National Liberation Front, a political and military organization committed to overthrowing the Saigon government and liberating Vietnam south of the seventeenth parallel. The role of the NLF during the war has been hotly debated, with officials in Washington claiming from the outset that the NLF was merely a puppet of Hanoi. Based on over a hundred interviews with former Communist cadre and high-ranking Party officials as well as extensive archival research in Vietnam, Robert Brigham's is a definitive work that provides a focus on the NLF not found elsewhere. It contributes greatly to our understanding of the Vietnam War and encourages a reassessment of that conflict.

Guerrilla Diplomacy: The NLF's Foreign Relations and the Viet Nam War

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    Brigham, Robert K.
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    Suny Press (Cornell University)

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