Lantau is a place away from the ordinary city life of Hong Kong. There are indigenous inhabitants as well as wanderers from many parts of the world. People on the island here seem to hold their own beliefs - including the 1897-born Fujian monk at The Trappist Haven Monastery, a maker of guitars for internationally renowned musicians, an old farmer who has led an eco-friendly lifestyle long before the LOHAS trend, a Chinese medical practitioner collecting herbs from the mountains, an English botanist ... Driving Lantau: a whisper of an island attempts to document these lives and reconstruct the various perspectives of Lantau over the past few decades, with photography, interviews, text and video. Most of the still images were taken between 1995 and 2004, and most of the video from 1998 - 1999.

Driving Lantau: Whisper of an Island

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    Lo Yin Shan; Anthony Mchugh
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    Mccm Creations

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