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A thrilling tale of legal and political intrigue, betrayal, spies and treason, spanning the tumultuous decades in Australia leading up to 'The Dismissal' in 1975, and a compelling tour - by an insider - through the corridors of parliamentary power

The young idealist never knows where his good intentions may finish up. When Roy temple and his friends are accused of espionage in the Cold War era, a cloud of suspicion will linger over them for years, although they are never charged with any crime. twenty years later, Roy is a leading barrister and key adviser to the federal government, with a bold plan to resolve Australia's political crisis. But the old allegations cast long shadows, and even those he wishes to help doubt his motivation - does he want to save the government, or save himself? Amid half-truths, leaks, intrigues and false denials, Roy is forced to confront his past to discover who he can trust-and who has betrayed him all along. Dismissal is a compelling political drama of the highest order, and an insider's view of the democratic roundabout, with all its flaws, corruptions and dynamic energies.


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    Nicholas Hasluck
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