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Two young Singaporean artistes, recipients of a grant from The National Arts Council of Singapore,  put together an exhibition, on which this slim collection is based, in what can probably be best described as "experimental forms."  This is how one of the authors describes Strokes  &  Overlaps: "It can  be  described  as  a  sort  of a user-unfriendly 'swimsuit-spread',  or a 'book' that resists reading. Kai Syng's appearance in  various uninspiring poses serves to bind the layers and  layers of texts and other images together---rather incoherently, however. Strokes of genius of my writing talent is revealed from the half-baked essays, thesis, anecdotes, jokes, notes, sketches, fictional prose, questions & aphorisms that choke every page. These strokes are also attacks that are sudden & may kill (angry words!), but also perhaps tender & gentle as caresses as well (sentimental words!). There are many overlapping concepts across the pages as the (mis-)author refuses to tie things up into neat, linear narratives or offer perfect closures...

Dense: Chlorine Addiction; Pale Testament

SKU: 030668
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    Tan Kai Syng & Heman Chong
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    Ngee Ann Polytechnic

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