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Intellectual and/or urban theorist William Lim has written three essays on Singapore that were presented to the public in 2005. The first, "Singapore's Future - Beyond the Entrapment of Eurocentric Modernity" gives a historical and cultural view of Singapore in the past decades while tracing its development. It analyses the problem and larger implications of Eurocentricity in Singapore, and draws points out how detrimental the situation is for us should we continue in this outdated strategy. It posits an ideological shake-up in order for us to leave this entrapment and enter a more exciting, vibrant and pluralistic future. The second, "Success and Crisis - The Singapore Story" was a paper written as part of an ongoing debate regarding Singapore's controversial and ambiguous status as a global city. It analyses the prevailing forces that have rendered Singapore a success, while simultaneously causing a crisis in her development as an unique Asian city. He suggests that Singapore would be more successful to develop in the direction of a cosmopolitan city, with emphasis given to pluralistic and people-orientation rather than U.S. style, global capitalisation. The third is a response to the question: Is Singapore a Creative City? In this article, Lim defines creativity and outlines certain key ingredients that are essential in nurturing a creative environment. In doing so, he aims to provide some kind of basic framework towards the making of a creative city. Bilingual in English and Chinese.)

Contesting Singapore's Urban Future

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    Lim Siew Wai, William
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    Asian Urban Lab

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