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Catastrophe & Regeneration In Indonesia's Peatlands
Catastrophe & Regeneration in Indonesia's Peatlands: Ecology, Economy & Society. The serious degradation of the vast peatlands of Indonesia since the 1990s is the proximate cause of the haze that endangers public health in Indonesian Sumatra and Borneo, and also in neighbouring Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. Moreover peatlands that have been drained and cleared for plantations are a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions. This new book explains the degradation of peat soils and outlines a potential course of action to deal with the catastrophe looming over the region. This book argues that regeneration is possible through a new policy of people's forestry that includes reforestation and rewetting peat soils.)

Catastrophe & Regeneration In Indonesia's Peatlands

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    Kosuke Mizuno, Motoko S. Fujita & Shuichi Kawai
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    NUS Press

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