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For many years there have of course been opposing interpretations of Tibet's recent history. In 1989 the Chinese government published "100 Questions About Tibet" to which they gave short clear answers, of course from China's official point of view. This book is a revision of work done in 2002 by 13 international Tibet scholars at the Paris Ecole Pratique Des Hautes Etudes when they reviewed the questions and offered carefully researched non-polemical answers. These were largely different from the answers given by the Chinese publication but did not necessarily accord with the Dalai Lama's approach. The 100 questions are grouped as: Historical facts; Human rights; Policies towards the Dalai Lama; Population; Religious belief; Right to autonomy; Culture and education; Economic development; Livelihood of the people and Riot in Lhasa. With chronology, glossary and references.

Authenticating Tibet: Answers to China's 100 Questions

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    Blondeau, Anne-Marie; Katia Buffetrille (eds.)
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    University of California Press

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