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Achievements and Thoughts, published by the Singapore Institute of Planners, is a book for urban planners, architects and all who are interested and actively involved in issues of urban growth, evolution of communities, place-making, and in search for real world applications of new planning concepts and models. Featuring our design pioneers who have made significant contributions to the planning landscape of Singapore and other countries, the book highlights their innovative planning solutions, which are internationally recognised to be synonymous with the legacy of modern Singapore. The invaluable thoughts and views of the pioneer designers on urban planning and design not only help to raise awareness and interest in our planning fraternity, but also inspire us on how we can shape the world and transform our future with new ideas. Complementing the feature of our pioneers is a compilation of projects by notable urban planners and designers. It showcases the achievements of these professionals and reflects the application of their Singapore experience in solving planning issues that are confronting many developing cities in Southeast Asia, South Asia, China, Africa and the Middle East today. These projects have won the 4th SIP Planning Awards 2015 for their comprehensive and unique solutions in addressing issues of intra-regional influences, social disparity, traffic congestion, incompatible land uses, and many problems arising from poor infrastructure planning. The projects are excellent case studies for methodologies and principles for addressing the challenges and opportunities of our urbanising world.

Achievements and Thoughts

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    Ho, Jeffrey (ed.)
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    Singapore Institute of Planners

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