AFK. Away From Keyboard

AFK. Away From Keyboard: Why Don't You Just Switch Off Your Wifi And Go And Do Something Less Boring Instead? Tactile experience is the foundation of a balanced education. You want your kids to develop strong communication between the body and brain. Digital feeds the head while starving the body. Find balance through creative projects. Body and brain combine. Go AFK today. You. Must. Create. Who has time to organise creative activities for their kids these days? What if you could give them an instant, ready made creative mini-project to get them away from the console and up at the big table, working with their hands, eyes and imaginations? Enter AFK. Give them a reason to be away from the keyboard. This big brilliant collection of instant activities will give your four eyed darlings a break from digital life and teach them to be proud of their own ideas. You don't need to be a Pinterest Parent to make these moments happen.

AFK. Away From Keyboard

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    Kiosse, Anna Maria; Callum Shove
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    Carpet Bombing Culture

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