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The short stories in this volume, some of them banned from publication in their home countries, reflect the tremendous social, political, and cultural changes experienced in Southeast Asia during an age of rapid modernization. With keen wit, satire, and pathos, these stories poignantly illustrate contemporary life and literary currents in this region during the twentieth century. Award-winning writers and new talent are represented, including Pramoedya Ananta Toer (Indonesia), Shahnon Ahmad (Malaysia), and Duong Thu Huong (Vietnam). Virtual Lotus is the first anthology to represent diverse writers throughout Southeast Asia. Short introductions to the stories provide a sketch of each country's literary history, revealing the interaction between the writers and their sociopolitical situations. Many of the short stories are ethnographic and provide snapshots of the cultures frozen in specific historical moments. Author Yamada is Associate Professor of Comparative Literature at California State University, Long Beach.

Virtual Lotus: Modern Fiction of Southeast Asia

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    Yamada, Teri Shaffer (ed.)
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    The University of Michigan Press

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