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Voice Of Malayan Revolution: The Cpm Radio War Against Singapore And Malaysia, 1969-1981 (Researcher's Edition With Cd Of Original Transcripts). Much has been written about how the Communist Party of Malaya (CPM) lost the shooting war in the Malayan Emergency (1948-1960). Much less has been written about what happened thereafter. By 1960, the CPM's 'long march" from the Malayan interior into Southern Thailand was complete. There, the CPM reorganised, reviewed their strategy and bided their time. From 1968 to 1989, the Malaysian security forces and the CPM once again confronted each other in the jungles of the Malaysian-Thai border in what was known as the Second Emergency. In an attempt to subvert the populations of Malaysia and Singapore and win them over to their revived revolutionary cause, the CPM embarked on a clandestine radio war. From a Chinese military base in Hunan, China, the CPM's underground radio network transmitted under the codename Project 691 and on the airwaves as "Suara Revolusi Malaya" or "Voice of the Malayan Revolution" (VMR). This edited volume, for the very first time, reproduces a selection of those broadcasts. These hitherto classified transcripts of the Internal Security Department, Singapore, are supplemented with an introductory essay and chapter introductions that seek to situate the selected documents against the revolutionary events of the 60s and 70s in Southeast Asia. This selection is accompanied by a CD containing all available transcripts of VMR broadcasts made from its very first broadcast in 1969 to its very last in 1981.

The Voice of Malayan Revolution

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    Wang Gungwu, Ong Weichong (eds.)
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    S Rajaratnam School of International Studies

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