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The Scourge of Poverty and Proselytism
This book is based on a report commissioned by the Bangkok-based World Buddhist University that focused on the socio-economic and cultural challenges facing Buddhist communities in Asia with a case study of Sri Lanka. The research also looked at Buddhist social services that function with very little assistance from abroad, and why they are unable to counter the activities of Christian and Islamic evangelical groups who have huge financial resources from overseas to target Buddhists for conversions exploiting their poverty. The report's conclusions and recommendation includes an urgent need for a well coordinated international Buddhist charity - similar to the Catholic World Vision - to help empower these grassroots Buddhist communities; strict monitoring of NGO funding from overseas; need for a Community Harmony Bill (not an Anti-Conversion Bill); strict zoning laws to control 'illegal' construction of churches, mosques and temples; and concerted efforts by the Buddhists to convince other religious minorities that Sri Lanka's unique and rich Buddhist heritage belongs to all Sri Lankans.

The Scourge of Poverty and Proselytism

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    Kalinga Seneviratne
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