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Hmong Mountains, The: Cultural Spatiality Of The Hmong In Northern Thailand (SE Asian Modernities V. 5). Based on fieldwork conducted 2001-2002, the author analyses the concept of cultural spatiality amongst the Hmong in two communities in northern Thailand. Cultural spatiality includes all aspects of human agency, experiences and outside influences and as such, it encompasses socio-culturally enacted localities, whether these are real, imagined or only potential spheres of social, economic, religious, symbolic, or political action. In the case of the Hmong in northern Thailand, people can be anchored via processes of place-making in local settlements, in a diaspora spread over five continents or in the "Otherworld" of the supernatural agents. This book is divided into two parts. The first part discusses the author's theoretical approach and the context of the mountain peoples in Thailand. The second part addresses the question of Hmong cultural spatiality by analysing ethnographic data collected by the author.

The Hmong Mountains: Cultural Spatiality of the Hmong in Northern Thailand

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    Tomforde, Maren
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