The Artful Recluse: Painting, Poetry and Politics In Seventeenth-Century China. The first publication to explore in depth the theme of reclusion in painting and calligraphy within the context of political and social changes in 17th-century China. Reclusion - the act of disengaging from worldly affairs for spiritual and moral cleansing - was a concept deeply associated with ancient Chinese civilization. This beautifully illustrated exhibition catalog invites readers deep into the world of scholar-painters in 17th-century China. Nearly 60 hanging and hand scrolls, albums, and fans reveal how the educated elite expressed their thoughts and ideals through depictions of the landscape, human figures, birds, flowers, fish, and insects. Accompanied by penetrating essays on the subject.

The Artful Recluse

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    Sturman, Peter; Susan Tai (eds.)
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    Prestel Publishing

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