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Tagalog Bestsellers of the Twentieth Century: A History of the Book in The Philippines. This pioneering work is a study on the history of the book in the Philippines, with a focus on literary publishing and Tagalog literary bestsellers of the 20th century. It spans more than four centuries of publishing , from 1593 when the first book was printed in the country to 2003 when the first nationwide survey on reading attitudes and preference was conducted. Through its case studies of 20th-century Philippine literary forms and texts that may be referred to as the bestselling books in their time, the work both highlights and puts in wider context the publishing, manufacturing, distribution, reception, and survival of these bestsellers, and their impact on and relation to the conditions and circumstances in the culture, society, politics, and economics of the time.

Tagalog Bestsellers of the Twentieth Century

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    Jurilla, Patricia May B.
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    Ateneo De Manila University Press

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