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Singapore Dreaming: Managing Utopia
Singapore can be described as exceptional: in glowing terms of being exemplary and beautifully modern. Singapore can also be presented in a critical light: as being in a state of exception, justifying extreme socioeconomic, political and military measures derived from a constructed state of crisis. This is a book of well-rounded commentaries and observations from a broad range of disciplines. Many commentators share the impulse to propel Singapore into the global arena, and just as many would carefully analyse the hairline fissures. As an advanced post-industrialised Asian society, Singapore has to constantly upkeep itself as a utopian reference and inspiration. Contributors in this publication have shown courage and dexterity in raising constructive questions and dreaming the unimaginable.

Singapore Dreaming: Managing Utopia

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    H. Koon Wee; Jeremy Chia (eds.)
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    Asian Urban Lab

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