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For some artists, being in the army might be a straitjacket for creativity, but not Esmond Loh. For two years whilst serving in mandatory National Service, he armed himself with his sketchbook and pen, documenting his experience in the form of drawings and notes. Initially intended for personal reflection, this series of over 130 artworks and accompanying inscriptions represents a rare entry point into the often closed and esoteric rite of passage unique to Singaporean males. Keenly observed and underscored with affection and surprising emotional heft, this book details Loh's years in the military in ways that range from the mundane to the dramatic, evocative and downright comedic. Serve And F_______ is the entirely original and earnest result of the grappling of an artist with both the freedoms and limits that come with being in the military.

Serve And F........

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    Loh, Esmond
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    Chan + Hori Contemporary

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