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Rebirth: Reformasi, Resistance, and Hope in New Malaysia. More than a year after ordinary Malaysians did the extraordinary and voted out a government in power since 1957, a raw reality has set in. On the eve of a once-idealised 'Vision 2020' of modern Malaysia, Rebirth: reformasi, resistance, and hope in New Malaysia questions an uncertain nation's possible futures. In a special series on Malaysia from the ANU's New Mandala, classic Malaysiakini reportage of the fraught 14th general elections, and new essays pondering the country's future, the book also explores how Malaysia's two decades of democratisation via movements such as reformasi and Bersih have forged ambivalent urges for change - and where prospects of a new Malaysia might lie.


SKU: 063666
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    Kean Wong (ed.)
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    Strategic Info Research Development

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