Ready, Set, Fiyah! An Olympic Flame's Adventure Around the World
"Ready, Set, Fiyah!" features the protagonist, Fiyah (pronounced as fire), as she embarks on an adventure around the world. The character is a symbolisation of the Olympic flame. As Fiyah turns 10, she decides to travel the world, seeking her friends from the Youth Olympic Games to invite them to her birthday party in Lausanne in 2020. This journey represents the journey of the Olympic flame before the start of every Olympic Games. Fiyah's friends are represented by the mascots from all editions of the YOG - Lyo, Merly, NanjingLELE, Yoggi, Sjogg, and #Pandi. During their adventure, Fiyah and her friends are faced with certain difficulties and sporting obstacles that they, together as a team, must overcome. These challenges will represent the Olympic values - excellence, friendship, and respect - on top of other values such as teamwork and determination which the characters will come to exemplify.

Ready, Set, Fiyah! An Olympic Flame's Adventure Around the World

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    Lee, Pearl; Jeanette Yap
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    Singapore National Olympic Council

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