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Much more than a cookbook, Odd Bits delves into the rich geographical, historical, and religious roles of nose-to-tail cooking. In a world of costly prime cuts, it's easy to forget about (and steer clear of) the more economical, but less lovable parts of the beast - bellies, brains, cheeks, combs, gizzards, hearts, hocks, kidneys, lungs, marrow, necks, shanks, spleens, tongues, trotters, and, oh yes, testicles. Historically, these so-called odd bits have had a regular place on our plates and in our culinary repertoires. In fact, many are considered delicacies and routinely appear in regional specialties. So why do we eschew and waste valuable protein? When have our sensibilities become so squeamish? In short--when did we decide offal had become awful?

Odd Bits: How to Cook the Rest of the Animal

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    Mclagan, Jennifer
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    Random House

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