This book offers a refreshing insight on the life, works and innermost thoughts of renowned Singaporean artist Teng Nee Cheong that span a period of 40 years. Art critic TK Sabapathy, art curators Low Sze Wee and Lindy Poh, as well as Jasdeep Sandhu, Suteja Neka and Teng Nee Cheong himself, have each provided a personal in-depth commentary, uncovering the artist's diverse range of selected works, as well as inspirations that have deeply influenced him.Over the past couple of decades, Singapore has propelled in its appreciation of the arts and developed a focus on her local artists to promote diversity in culture - and to foster creativity in her population. Nee Cheong's works fit perfectly in this paradigm. He encapsulates the various influences of culture and traditions around Asia by using symbols of Balinese mythology, Hinduism, and Buddhism. Furthermore, what is so intriguing about Nee Cheong's works lies in his ability to effortlessly blend in opposing contrasts harmoniously.

Nee Cheong: Those the Gods Love Grow Mightier

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