Over the past 30 years, museums around the world have increasingly recognised the importance of understanding and engaging the communities they represent. Public accountability and sustainability are motivating factors for this, but fundamentally it is the recognition that museums are essential for the well-being of society, which has strengthened these relations. In the age of globalisation, museum-community partnerships are even more imperative. This book addresses how Southeast Asian museums strategise and manage such partnerships in an increasingly globalised world. It comprises case studies from both public and private museums in the ASEAN region, which were presented at a symposium at the Asian Civilisations Museum, Singapore in 2009. The strategies are wide-ranging and include national policy-making as well as projects undertaken by regional and other museums. As such this book provides valuable insights for museum professionals and anyone interested in the state of museums and their communities, particularly in the context of Southeast Asia today.

Museum-Community Partnerships - The Role Of Asean Museums In The 21st Century

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    Tan, Heidi (ed.)
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    National Heritage Board

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