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Migration, Development and Natural Disasters: Insights from the Indian Ocean Tsunami. The United Nations International Organisation for Migration is concerned with ways of maximising the development benefits and reducing the negative effects of international migration. There are obvious links between development, migrations and natural disasters, linkages for which the world is ill-prepared. This paper overviews experience of relevant linkages worldwide, and then explores the nexus of immigration linkages arising from the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami in Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Thailand. The vulnerability of migrants in, from, out of and into affected areas and associated human trafficking are considered. Diaspora response is the subject of the third section which reviews its nature, limitations and discusses the role of private efforts and enterprises. Coordinated policies on migration, development and disaster preparedness are called for with urgency. With sketch maps, glossary and references.

Migration, Development and Natural Disasters

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    Naik, Asmita; Elca Stigter & Frank Laczko
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    United Nations Publications

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