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This book was first published in 1938 in Peking.  This is a monograph on the great Song Dynasty poet and artist, Mi Fu (1051-1107) and a translation of his treatise on ink-stones by the eminent Dutch diplomat and Sinologist, Dr. R H van Gulik.  The ink-stone is an essential tool of the Chinese literati and thus contributes to our overall comprehension of Chinese brushwork. In addition, the ink-stone is a work of art in its own right, combining the skill and wit of the sculptor with the ancient Chinese tradition of appreciation of beautiful stones. In Mi Fu on Ink-stones, Dr van Gulik provides not only a guide to the connoisseurship of this essential treasure of the scholar's studio, but also an illuminating glimpse into the mind of this brilliant eleventh century artist.  With 2 colour and 11 black and white illustrations, map, index

Mi Fu on Ink-stones

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    Gulik, R.H. Van
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    Orchid Press

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