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Light Years in Letters: A Postcard Project
Carol Lee's second book presents a selection of her hand-made postcards. In the past few years, she selected objects she came across in daily life and travels, turned them into stencils and made postcards with the technique of "time drawing". The postcards were then mailed to her family, friends, and even persons she did not know, embarking on journeys of their own. Combining Lee's art and writing, every postcard preserves what she saw and thought of at a particular time point of her life. In an era craving for speed and dominated by digital media, Lee has found the purest motive for communication and its essence in the days and effort she devoted to the image production and writing of the postcards. She also directs us to a re-examination of time and memories, and helps us once again feel the warmth of writing and communication.

Light Years in Letters: A Postcard Project

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    Carol Lee Mei-Kuen
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    Asia One

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