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Keto Baked: Ketogenic Baking and Desserts
Keto diet expert and writer Kelly Tan Peterson is back with her latest release, Keto Baked. Between recipes as well as advice from her husband, Dr. Dan, on the health benefits of the Keto diet, in this 240-paged book, Kelly relates the story of how she began experimenting with baking while respecting the Keto lifestyle guidelines with an unlikely ally - her mother. In this new release, Kelly shares some of the recipes that she created for her mother, including Butter Cake, and Tiramisu. With Keto Baked, Kelly shows how traditional desserts can be altered as a healthy alternative that doesn't compromise the Keto diet. Dr. Dan also shares his insights on the health benefits and disease prevention of the Keto lifestyle. Keto Baked is not only a revolutionary cookbook but also a look into how the Keto lifestyle helped a daughter and mother forge the strongest bond.

Keto Baked: Ketogenic Baking and Desserts

SKU: 9780986097652
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    Peterson, Kelly Tan; Dan Paterson
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    Cooking Inspired by Love

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