When the Spaniards arrived in the Philippines in the sixteenth century, they discovered an archipelago blessed in rich natural resources, and a diverse fauna and flora. The galleons that plied the Acapulco-Manila route brought precious cargo to the Philippine archipelago, including among other things, many plant species and flora that have since taken root in local soil, culture and life. The Filipinos learned to use the plants in many different ways in the form of food, clothing, medicine, and decorative and functional objects. The plants became integrated into the culture of the local population as material and motif. This publication presents a fascinating botanical selection drawn from an exhibition entitled "Flora Filipina - from Acapulco to Manila" organised by the National Museum of the Philippines. With beautiful colour illustrations.

Flora Filipina: From Acapulco to Manila

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    Alvina, Corazon S.; Domingo Madulid
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    Artpost Asia

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