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In Malaysia, there is only one set of laws common to one and all but on matters relating to family, there are two sets of laws - one applicable to Muslims and the other to non-Muslims. This publication is for the knowledge and benefit of the non-Muslims in Malaysia. It complements the civil family law on marriage, divorce, maintenance, adoption and other related matters, all of which are based on the Law Reform (Marriage and Divorce) Act 1976 (Act 164). The book clearly explains, inter alia, the qualifications required for a valid marriage, how and why a marriage can be nullified and the consequences of divorce and maintenance for the spouse and children. Questions and answers on various issues relating to family matters are provided at the end of each chapter for the benefit of law students and the general public to provide better understanding of civil family law.

Family Law for Non-Muslims in Malaysia

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    Nuraisyah Chua Abdullah
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    Golden Books Centre

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