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Connect: Linking People to Powerfully Engaging Experiences
With the success of Exit published back in 2011, Pico has demonstrated their integrated marketing strengths to the world. This year, Pico is proud to present their new book, Connect, which again to showcase their astonishing projects with distinct clients over the years. Like a marketing campaign itself, Connect - linking people to powerfully engaging experiences is a book of countless interlocking elements. Foremost, it is a colourful tour through Pico's projects for a wide range of clients in recent years. But for anyone with an interest in how marketers link audiences to brands, Connect also offers the big picture of the state-of-the-art marketing campaign; multifaceted, tightly integrated, highly imaginative, and precisely focused on achieving an immersive 'Total Brand Activation'.

Connect: Linking People to Powerfully Engaging Experiences

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